Futurist Releases New Seamless System

Futurist Climbing enhances its product line with the release of its new Seamless System. This bouldering flooring construction has no stitching or velcro seams; instead all seams are heat bonded on-site during installation. Heat bonding produces significantly stronger seams than glued systems, and allows for heavier weight vinyl options than the Futurist Compartmentalized System which requires vinyl weights than can be stitched with an industrial sewing machine. The Seamless System is typically more cost effective up front, but does require a significantly longer on-site installation time than Futurist’s original Compartmentalized System.

Futurist developed the Seamless System primarily to accommodate large commercial projects with modern facility layouts and streamlined climbing wall footprints. Both Futurist bouldering flooring systems offer a clean look, serious durability and are made with the highest quality foam and vinyl available.

Visit our Product Features & Accessories page for more information on the Seamless System and Futurist’s complete product line, and check out the Momentum Millcreek gallery for images of a Seamless System in action!