Carpet Top Covers!!!

You asked for carpet and we listened! Here at Futurist we have always been big fans of vinyl covers for our climbing flooring systems – vinyl can’t be penetrated by dust, chalk and liquids, which keeps the foam beneath it truly clean and prolongs its life (and keeps your gym from smelling like everything that has come in contact with the floor). Additionally, our vinyl seams are heat welded so we can provide a system that is truly “seamless” with no velcro or thread stitching to deteriorate.

“But vinyl just isn’t COZY!”, you said. Well, you’re right – vinyl isn’t cozy, or plush, or warm and inviting like carpet can be. So we put our heads together and found a way to have the best of both worlds – we layered heavy duty vinyl over our crazy-high-quality foam, and then covered the whole thing in carpet. And we worked very hard to develop manufacturing processes that allow us to keep our floors cost effective. In fact, our systems have actually increased in quality and decreased in price over the past 2 years!

So now you have the option of vinyl, carpet and even cordura. You choose the look and feel that best suits your facility and we’ll make it happen.

Here are some photos of our most recent carpet-covered flooring install at Triangle Rock Club in Morrisville, NC. Enjoy!