Refresher™ Vinyl Cleanser is a proprietary blend that was developed specifically for Futurist Climbing and is formulated for the polymer used in the manufacturing of Futurist bouldering flooring vinyl top covers.

  • Safely removes chalk and grime
  • Restores vinyl to increase top cover durability
  • Enhances the appearance of your gym’s bouldering areas
  • Easy to use
  • Concentrated formula means a little goes a long way
  • Available exclusively to Futurist Climbing client facilities


  • $70 per gallon, shipping included
  • $240 per 4-gallon case, shipping included (That’s a discount of 15%!)

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Did you know?

Most household and commercial cleaning products contain chemicals and solvents that can breakdown vinyl over time, weakening your flooring system’s top cover and ultimately diminishing the life of your floor. Refresher™ not only cleans
vinyl covers safely, it actually adds plasticizer to the vinyl – reconditioning the vinyl, increasing long-term durability and restoring the vibrant color of each cover.

How much do you need?

Depending upon the size of your facility’s bouldering flooring system and your facility traffic, a single gallon will clean 2,000sf of vinyl flooring each year. 1 4-gallon case will clean 4,000sf of flooring for 2 years.

For facilities with more than 2,000sf of vinyl surface, we recommend ordering a case to take advantage of the discounted pricing.

How should Refresher be applied?

Refresher™ is a highly concentrated cleaning solution that is designed to be diluted with water before applying to your flooring system on a weekly basis.

We recommend using the Rubbermaid Pulse microfiber mop  for easy dilution and application.

Please thoroughly read the product label for detailed instructions and other important product information.


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