Don’t take our word for it! See what our clients have to say about their experiences working with the Futurist team.

Even though my facility is tiny in comparison to the average climbing gym, it was a big logistical undertaking. The challenge was creating a space that would not only be inspiring to look at but to be functional from a training standpoint. As a long time personal trainer and coach I wanted to create a space that can be used for private uninterrupted training sessions and climbing team practices. Having slim resources to model this concept off of, I found it necessary to look for the proper insight from Timy and Ernest at Futurist. Working with them on this project has been less than stressful and rather fun due to their shared passion for developing a unique training space. On top of that, they were understanding of my budget and were able to work with me to get the best flooring product for my space. The knowledge, the end product, the support, and the invaluable insight I gained from Timy and Ernest while starting this training facility has been an investment worth bragging about.

Keith Kubiesa
Owner/General Manager, Summit Strength & Fitness

Futurist’s F-80 Roped Climbing Floor is a significant upgrade to previous flooring solutions used at our facility. Not only do our staff and customers notice a difference in terms of its “walk-ability” but it was lightweight and easy to install on our own. Aside from designing and creating fantastic products Futurist’s customer support was everything that a climbing gym could ask for. They answered any and all questions that we threw at them in a timely and professional manner, and they tirelessly strove to make our experience with them as easy and painless as possible. We highly recommend the consideration of Futurist products for your gym’s flooring needs.

Eric Olson
Owner/General Manager, Adventure Rock

I’m a do-it-yourself kind of guy, especially when I was attempting to launch a start up climbing facility. I attended meetings with advisors in the local Small Business Development Center to try and prepare financials and a business plan. Soon, I was in over my head and turned to Futurist Climbing Consultants to take me to the next level. They spent countless hours compiling and analyzing information about my market, and came up with a business model that was more comprehensive than I ever could have produced.

Regarding independent gym design: in a nutshell, it will save you money. Futurist will design your facility with attention to egress, customer traffic patterns, intersecting fall zones, simple footprints, overall facility flow, and inspiring and provocative design. You only get one chance to design your facility; make sure it is designed for the future, not the present.

As the Owner of Focus Climbing Center and a climber for 19 years, I understand the importance of a safe flooring system for bouldering. I have seen horrific injuries in gyms that use moveable crash pads due to edges and seams between pads. The 24-in, 16ILD flooring system installed by Futurist is hands down the best floor out there. Additionally, it has the longest warranty of any product in my facility (5 years), and I could not be happier.

Joe Czerwinski
Owner, Focus Climbing Center

Futurist = unparalleled product, professionalism, & service.

When we opened The Spot in November-2002 we took a leap and made a commitment to providing an unprecedented product and service to our clients. One of our main goals was to redefine the customer experience. After 10 years of servicing this commitment, one of the most obvious components to providing the best experience for our clientele has been our flooring system. We have constantly repaired & replaced our system throughout our tenure and the flooring technology available never made the leap like we did; until now.

The professionals at Futurist truly understood that we weren’t just a customer making a purchase from them but that THEY were our partners in our business matters and in our customers’ experiences. They “Got it” and worked tirelessly with us to ensure that our flooring system was designed to be optimal for our space, future expenditures (read: built to last), and amazing for our customers. In that, we are now able to again boast that we are cutting-edge and top-notch; and our customers (& financials) couldn’t agree more.

Thank you Futurist for making the leap and for caring about us & our customers. You GET IT!

Daniel M. Howley
Owner/General Manager, The Spot Bouldering Gym

Existing and potential climbing gym owners, I had not considered working with a consultant until I met Timy and Ernest of Futurist Climbing Consultants at the CWA Summit. Timy Fairfield took the time not just to get to know my demographics, but he took the time (a lot of time) to get to know me and what I wanted to do. Timy and Ernest both went beyond the extra mile to help me create something truly special. It is people like this (everyone involved in FCC) that make the Climbing Industry special and awesome.

John Johnson
Owner/Manager, Crimper’s Climbing

Timy, Ernest and the Futurist Climbing Consultants team provide a stellar, seamless product matched only by their customer service and support.

Jason Mullins
Owner, The Bloc Climbing & Fitness Center

Futurist Climbing is one of the most professional climbing companies I have ever worked with. Their padding system is the highest quality that I have seen on the market today. I would recommend them to anyone that is interested in putting in a new flooring system. They don’t stop until you are completely satisfied.

Aaron Stevens
General Manager, Climb Iowa

With the new flooring installed it’s as if Rock Climb Fairfield is a new gym. Beyond the significant improvement to risk management our entire facility is brighter, cleaner and far more professional looking. This is all due to Futurist Climbing and we cannot thank them enough.

Matthew Conroy
Manager, Rock Climb Fairfield

“We recently purchased a Futurist Climbing safety floor for our bouldering area. My experience with Futurist Climbing was everything I hoped it would be: great customer service, spot-on technical advice during the design phase, and a lightning fast install which minimized climbing downtime for our customers. Most importantly the floor works – our customers love it. Even old dudes like me can boulder over such a plush landing.

Thanks Timy, Ernest and everyone else at Futurist Climbing from your friends at Momentum Indoor Climbing!”

Jeff Pedersen
Owner, Momentum Indoor Climbing