Services for new climbing facilities and expansion projects.

Futurist Consulting Services

We have developed a range of consulting services to assist clients in their pursuit of creating commercially viable, state-of-the-art climbing facilities that offer unique and dynamic investment opportunities and express a modern vision for the sport.

We do not sell off-the-shelf consulting tools; all of our services involve direct and ongoing communication with our clients. We believe that a good consultant should function as an active member of your team and prioritize the successful development of your business. Packages start at $2,500.

Preliminary Project Assessment

This is a great place to start if you are considering working with an industry consultant during the early stages of project development. We have experience working with many gym owners in many markets and can take the guesswork out of the budgeting and planning process, allowing you to move to the next phase of development quickly and with confidence. This package includes:

  • Review of your assumptions and previously prepared documents including market analysis, business plan, business model and project budget
  • Preliminary market analysis using demographic reports and relevant industry research
  • Identification of climbing gym capacity, market share expectations and appropriate business model selection
  • Detailed climbing infrastructure budget requirements
  • Establishment of project timeline
  • Typical work period = 30-45 days

Feasibility & Financial Projections

This package is a much more in-depth project analysis, which yields detailed project budgets and financial projections. For clients who have engaged in a Preliminary Project Assessment, that fee can be applied to this package.

This package includes:

  • All of the services included in the Preliminary Project Assessment
  • Comprehensive financial feasibility study for target market
  • Business plan development/rework
  • Total project budget requirements
  •  Detailed financial projections including:
    • Start-up budget requirements
    • Operating expenses
    • Income statement projections
    • Cash flow projections
    • Break-even analysis
    • Capital requirements
  • Typical work period = 90 days

Gym Design

We like to keep our consulting hats on when designing the walls and overall layout of a gym to ensure that the facility not only looks amazing, but also reflects the findings of your market research and accommodates the needs of your community.

Please visit our Design » page to learn more about the benefits of owning a Futurist-designed gym.

Procurement & Operations

Let us simplify the process of ordering equipment, developing programs, even setting routes! We can customize a pre-launch consulting package to ensure that you have all the details in place when your doors open. Many of our partner providers
offer discounted rates to Futurist client facilities. Viable services include:

  • Arrangement of ordering and delivery of products in the following categories: climbing holds, volumes, route setting supplies, ropes and wall hardware, belay devices, auto-belays, rental shoes, harnesses, chalk bags and chalk
  • Independently-produced SOPs for commercial climbing gyms
  • On-site operations and management training
  • Program development
  • Grand opening event planning
  • Route setting consulting package including staff training, safety and operations procedures, facility scheduling and route rotation, hold maintenance, setter interviewing and hiring assistance